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 Vortrag "Synesthetic Cinema: Maenads & Satyrs & The Senses in Motion" von Prof. Dr. Jennifer Barker

 30.01.2018 I 16 Uhr c.t. I HS 1199

Synesthesia moves in time: this provocative aspect of a long-studied phenomenon has been sidelined by discussions of synesthesia (and its relevance to cinema) that frame it in spatial terms. The lecture pursues the question of synesthetic time, moving image technology, and the senses through an analysis of recent work by the openendedgroup (3D visual artists Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie),  whose experimental artworks range from studies of Greek sculpture to modern dance to decaying urban landscapes, engaging with concepts of space, time, embodiment, and motion pictures (very broadly conceived) in startling ways.

By special permission from the artists and the Isabella Gardner Museum, this lecture includes clips from the in-progress Maenads & Satyrs (2018), commissioned by and for the museum, which owns the ancient sarcophagus of which this piece is a haunting 3D cinematic study. (Clips will be rendered in 2D for purposes of general discussion where 3D projection is not available. Only the audience will be in 3D.)

Jennifer Barker researches in the area of cinema studies, with particular interests in cinema and the senses, synaesthesia, theories of spectatorship and embodiment, performance, feminism, and documentary. She did her undergraduate work in film studies at the University of Iowa and earned her MA and PhD in Critical Studies (now “Cinema and Media Studies” at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. Dr. Barker’s book, The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience, was released by the University of California Press. She is currently at work on her second manuscript, Synaesthetic Cinema, an interdisciplinary project that will be the first book-length study of synaesthesia informed by and focused on cinema and moving-image theory.

Der Gastvortrag findet im Rahmen der Vorlesung "Einführung in die Medienkulturwissenschaft" statt.

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